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The BSW Hip Preservation Clinic features active laboratory and clinical research programs that help find innovative and advanced treatments for our patients. Our research is focused on major areas that include: Anatomy, Biomechanics, Clinical, Diagnostics, Outcomes, and Surgical Treatments. Our vision is to provide an innovative approach for the treatment of hip-related disorders while developing a deeper understanding of hip pathologies and biomechanics.



Hip anatomy can be broken down into 4 layers; the osseous, capsulolabral, musculotendinous, and neurovascular. Detailed study of each layer individually and collectively provide the basics of hip pathology.



The hip is the link between the lower body and the upper body. The biomechanics of surrounding joints can affect the hip, just as the hip can affect surrounding joint biomechanics. The inter-relationship of neighboring joints and the 4 layers of the hip are thought of as the 5th layer, the kinematic chain. Learn more



The puzzle of hip pathology begins with the presentation of hip pain. A thorough History and Physical Examination of the presenting problem provides a solid background in which to cast the shadow of hip pathology. Learn more



Traditional and novel techniques for the quantitative analysis of all 5 layers of the hip help shape the puzzle of hip pathology. Learn more


Surgical Treatment

The best course of treatment is individualized according to the patient's Anatomy, Biomechanics, Clinical Presentation, and Diagnostic analysis. A number of hip arthroscopic and endoscopic procedures exist and the proper surgical treatment options must be scrutinized. Learn more



The heart of the hip pathology puzzle lies in the patient outcomes. Improving patient pain and function is the ultimate goal of hip preservation. In order to understand the "why" and "why not" of good outcomes leads us back into the cycle of understanding the A-B-C-Ds. Learn more



History and physical examination of the hip: the basics 
Martin H, Palmer I. "History and physical examination of the hip: the basics." Curr Rev Musculoskelet Med. 2013; 6(3): 219–225.