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Meetings and Presentations

International Presentations

  • Brazilian Hip Society. July 2016.
  • Colombia Hip Meeting. Cali, Colombia. June 2016

National Presentations

  • International Society of Hip Arthroscopy Annual Scientific Meeting 2016. San Francisco, CA. September, 2016.
  • Brazilian Hip Society. July, 2016; Diagnosis and Treatment of Posterior Hip Pain
  • Colombia Hip Meeting. Cali, Colombia. June 2016

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Up & Coming Projects

  • The validity of Dynamic Impingement Testing for Determining the Location of Acetabular Labral Pathology: A Cadaveric Study. KSSTA (Submitted) Kivlan B, McGovern R, Martin HD, Martin RL.
  • The Accuracy of 3 Clinical Tests in Diagnosing Proximal Hamstring Pathology. Arthroscopy. (Submitted) Martin R, Schroder R, Martin HD.
  • Anatomical Description Of A Sciatic Ancillary Branch To The Gluteus Maximus. Arthroscopy. (Submitted) Campos S, Schroder R, Khoury A, Martin HD
  • Entheseal Insertion of the Iliofemoral Ligament and Its Relationship with Femoral and Acetabular Anatomy. Clin Anat (Submitted) Schroder R, Martin R, Khoury Palmer IJ, Martin HD
  • Femoral Version and Lumbopelvic Motion. (In Progress) Schroder R, Khoury A, Palmer IJ Martin HD

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